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About us.

Imagine cruising the lake in one of several vintage fiberglass boats that have been restored to their original jet-age beauty (1958-1964), with mid-century retro cool colors, fins and chrome details.  Retro also means the old motors have been retrofitted with the latest in eco-friendly technology. The zero emissions electric motors create an environmentally clean, quiet experience for even the novice boater.




We pride ourselves on the environmental aspect of our company. Not only have we replaced motors that used to be heavy polluters, but these classic boats have been saved from being junk in someone’s back yard or trash in a landfill. These classic boats have been repurposed for everyone to enjoy. This is also an activity that can be done in a time of social distancing. Enjoy the fresh air with friends and loved ones for a unique date night or to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or just time away.


Our Boats.

If you want to book a specific boat, go ahead and click the image and you will be directed to the booking site! 

Ready to book your trip with us? Go ahead and click the button below to start the process. Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us here.

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